Thursday, March 8, 2012

Where to Start to Eliminate SAD and eat Clean

Tosca Reno is awesome!  She has several books out there on Clean Eating - essentially what I do, except for foods I am allergic to.  When I got my diagnosis and had to get away from SAD, and get healthy, I discovered one of her books in Walmart, of all places.  It is loaded with so much good information that I will not bother to repeat, but it guides the reader to what is healthy and why SAD foods are not.  Tips galore on how to live this lifestyle are on every page, and they are real things that anyone can do.  The biggest thing that I think scares people is the time commitment.  I thought that at first, as I pretty much have to pack everything I eat, but after a while it just becomes the new norm. 

Take some time and explore her websites, blog and face book site.  She has a ton of books so I recommend you get one based on what interests you, she also has a clean eating magazine and is associated with Oxygen magazine as well. 

Once you get some reading and research done on what Clean eating is, it is time to CLEAN your pantry out!  Eliminate all of those tempting, yet bad foods, and allow yourself to have a fresh start.  Kinda hard to want to eat an apple for a snack when there is a bag of chips or some other food there... Then shop!

Start on the outer isles of your grocery store, you know, the ones with the brightly colored fruit and veggies.  The stuff that is not in packages, but layed out and you need to put it in a baggie.  Find a good butcher or a local source for organic meat.  Whole Foods, or Whole Paycheck, is also a good option as is Trader Joes.

We get most of our weekly food from a company called Door to Door Organics.  Not only do we save $$$, as I am not scouring the isles of WF each week adding everything that looks good into my cart, I find the fruits and veggies are VERY fresh.

How does it work??? Each week we have a "box" of fresh fruit and veggies.  The website has quite a few box options on it, all fruit, all veggies etc.  The week before I get an email detailing what will be in my box and I am able to log on to the website and modify it if there is something I do not like and want to substitute.  This is also when I get to shop!  They have local grown, organic chicken, turkey, pork and grass fed beef at reasonable prices that comes frozen to your door.  I have also found that it is very fresh!  I got some ground turkey the other week and I noticed it was processed only 2 weeks before!  Also, there is fresh bread from a local bakery and a ton of organic items to choose from like snacks, jams, butters, drinks and more! Once I am done shopping, my delivery day arrives and I come home to all of my groceries in a box on my porch!

For the month of March I am able to share the LOVE and give away a 50% discount to everyone interested on a Bitty Box.  All you need to do is post a comment below and I will be able to get your email from your Google account (if you share it -  need your email for this one).  I will then send that to Door to Door Organics and they will send you an invite!  Easy, peasy ;)

Fueling your body with the right foods and getting your exercise is a lifestyle that go hand in hand.  You can not expect your body to perform at its peak when you eat SAD foods.  I have learned that and everyone deserves to feel energetic, happy and full of life! 

You are what you eat!  That is so true!!! 

Next post will be about the most important meal of the day!

I must add that I am just a satisfied customer and neither Tosca Reno, or Door to Door Organics, have asked me to do these reviews nor did I receive any compensation.

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