Saturday, April 28, 2012

Getting there...

I had a good week as far as my Hamstring issue - assuming it is my Sciatic nerve so I'm doing some stretches and my awesome Chiro is changing how she adjusts me and things are looking up.  Just did 6 miles pretty much pain free in 1:02.

Also, got some decent running in this past week too!
Sunday - 5.11 Miles in 53 minutes - major pain in lower back area around mile 3.5, but felt like something released.  Walked and slowly ran a bit and threw the towel in and called for a ride home.  Once I got home, pain went away!
Monday - Rest, slight pain
Tuesday - 2 Miles, 20 minutes - mild Pain
Wednesday - 4 Miles, 42 minutes, pretty much pain free
Thursday - I Mile on Tmill, 10 minutes pain free
Friday - Rest
Saturday (Today) - 6 Miles, 1:02 mild pain

We were supposed to do Let's Move today but due to a ton of other conflicting things, we decided it would be less stress on all involved if we just skipped it.  I hate to skip on races, but perhaps I need to learn my lesson and not sign up for the local ones that do not sell out quite so soon.  Plus, with my nerve issue, I really need to get better before next month.  So, taking it easy was the top priority after a stressful week.

My allergies also have really been throwing me for a loop this week too.  I thought I was having an allergic reaction to wheat, but it turns out that perhaps the wheat is causing intolerance to quite a few foods I am "allergic too."  Now, I am still anaphalyic to nuts and corn, but I was given the green light to start adding level 2 foods back into my diet, one each week.  I am excited and confused at the same time.  All I have ever wanted to do this year is to be able to eat veggies!  Looks like I may be able to do that but might need to cut out wheat to make it happen.  So, lots of trial and errors, as from what I learned from a top allergy expert, that is the only true test.

What is on the books for this week you ask?  Hopefully I can have a repeat of last week and keep the pain down, we will see.  Lots of foam rolling and stretching for sure.

Have a great week!


  1. From looking at the distance and times, why is every run a 10:00 minute pace? You should be varying the pace/intensity of your runs.....

  2. Saya dari indonesia,salam kenal ya bro, Nitip gan