Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Switching things up!

Well, I was supposed to do 40 minutes tomorrow and 20 today, but life gets in the way!  Tomorrow is going to be crazy: work, personal trainer, kids school open house, eat, run and then go to a running meeting at 8 at night on the other side of town.  Just didn't seem like I could get 40 minutes in.  But 20, sure that sounds do-able before the workout.

I did have a slight issue with doing 40 tonight, no one to watch the kiddies.  Now, they can go for a mile or two on their scooters when I run in the sub, but I wanted to run 40 minutes which is probably around 4 miles based on my history.  The thought of them riding their bikes around the sub while I ran just plain scared me - all the driveways, cars, on sidewalks, off sidewalks, crossing streets etc...  I wanted to go somewhere where we did not have to deal with all that.  Hmm ,where?? I needed to get this done and I did not want to wait till Hubby came home because the chance of it being dark then is very good.

So, what about our local Metro Park? Bingo, the kids were excited when I told them the plan after I picked them up from school.  We went to the chiropractor then home to get changed - mind you this weekend I wore my winter running pants and a long sleeve LuluLemon shirt - today it was a running skirt and Princess Tech Tee and shorts and t-shirts for the kids.  Bikes were loaded in the Burban and off we were!

The kids did great and it was a great workout pushing me to keep up with them!  Sometimes you have to change things up to accomplish your goals.  If a certain day does not work, well then get the mileage in on a day that works better, just don't skip.  Thinking of also going down to 4 Miles on Saturday to rest a bit for the 10K on Sunday, I want a new PR that does not have a 1 in front of it!

Have a great day, put yourself first sometimes and meet your goals!

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