Thursday, March 1, 2012

2012 Disney Princess Expo!

On Friday morning we woke up bright and early to meet with the DVC folks at 8am and after our meeting we were chauffeured in a big red van to the expo and arrived at 9!  I got to meet up with a good friend of mine and we rushed to get our race packets.  Hubby and I split up as we needed to get the kids packets, our family 5 K packets, my half packet and my race retreat packet.  Once we had gathered all 7 plastic bags filled with our bibs and goodies (note I later discovered the goodies were minimal, but hey, that is not why I wanted to run Disney) we headed over to the Expo to get our shirts and shop!

My first purchase was at iFitness where I got the neoprene Hydration belt 12oz in black complete with 2 front water bottles and I was also able to purchase a removable longer pack in the back to hold my epi-pens!  I had to wait till Saturday to get the holder as they were still in Miami!

Now, I have always heard and read that you should never try our any new products or clothes during a race, but seeing how Dasani was the only water being served on the course... and seeing how I don't think it was a good idea to drink corn while I run, lol, I needed more water for the morning than my Lululemon bottle would provide.  So, I planned to use the Lululemon to hold enough water from my room for the bus and after the race and use this sweet belt for the race.  Ok, I won't leave you in suspense, it was AWESOME!  The water did not slosh around, the belt stayed on my hips over my giant, puffy Minnie skirt and it ROCKED!

While I was purchasing this, they announced they had spots open for Disneyland!  I already secured my registration, but my friend really wanted to do it with me so she rushed over there.  When Pea and I got there we got to meet Jon Hughes, the race director and get our photo taken!  Pea and I also had to oogle the medal like I will be earning at the end of the summer!!!
Next stop was to find some beads for my Pandora bracelet.  I want to represent all Half-Marathon runs I do on it so I needed a piggy, a princess themed one and I wanted one of those cool 13.1 beads I saw online.
A quick stop at Milestone Sports Jewelry did the trick!  Love my new beads!!!
Even though we got there right when it first opened on Friday, the crowds in the Official runDisney merchandise area were out of hand!  People were lined up with 2-3 Dooney purses/bags each, it was crazy!  While I am an LV girl, I would not have minded a cute Dooney Princess tote, but I was not going to wait in that line and fight the crowds so we headed to enjoy the rest of the day in the parks.

On Saturday we headed back to the expo before the Kids races so I could pick up the epi-pen add on and the RunDisney merchandise booth was free, but of course all the Dooney was long gone and probably headed to eBay.  None the less, I found a shirt I saw on Friday and wanted!
As we were making a last "sweep" through the Expo we discovered Jeff Galloway was at the runDisney booth!  I picked up a few of his books and after reading, decided my plan for the Princess half would be to walk for 60 seconds at every mile marker until the end when I felt I was good to run the rest of the way without breaks.  Jeff was so kind and really took some time to talk to me and the kids and said he was proud of what a good influence I was on Pea and Monkey and how proud he was that they completed the 5K (sorry for the spoiler, getting ahead of myself).  It was great to meet him and I look forward to following a plan he has layed out to train for the Chicago Marathon.  Time passed quick and we had to head to the field for the kids races to start.  All in all, great expo!

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