Thursday, June 30, 2011

Photos and more

First off I must show you the best meal I have ever had since my diagnosis.
Except I can't! My iPad will some how not let me upload my photos... Hmmm none the less it was homemade Italian pasta with a white wine, olive oil and garlic sauce with bread! Wow incredible. I would neve be able to have a meal like that in the Us unless I knew 100% it was not from a box, like I did here. Christiano at Lo Squalo has gone above and beyond to accommodate me and it is soooooo yummy. Perhaps I might even come back home a size 4.
The trip us going great, I am so glad I took the chance. If you explain your issue in a kind way, looking for help, people are more than willing to assist. Enjoy, see the world as long as you are prepared. Pictures to come later, when I arrive home this weekend.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Prepare and Relax

These allergies are actually blessings. I had quite a few discussions with my Italian coworkers today about my allegies. Each one commented on how good I looked and I mentioned how much better I feel. The main point of our discussions was it it simply something that must be managed. Isnt that true? Allergies are not my life, they are a part of me that I always have to think about and be aware but they will not hold me back. I am happy I got over my fears and got my butt over here.
I went to the iCoop to buy my lunch today. I got some smoked salmon and yogurt and had that with my crackers. Oh yea, I ate Breakfast too so far and none of it was something I brought with me! Two hard boiled eggs and a kiwi. Both meals went great. I also took pear from the canteen and had it as an afternoon snack.
After work I took around a three mile walk and stopped to talk to Christiano. He is the owner of Lo Squalo, where I will be dining tonight. He was shocked by all of my new allergies but had no concerns about being able to help me. Christiano did suggest that he grill my steak on the grill in the back as the one up front is also used for pork.
I'm glad I'm here and having a nice time in a world different from my day to day life. We cNt be held back by allergies and the fear they bring with them, it's not worth it! Ciao for now.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I made it to Italy

I made it after two plane rides. I ate only the food I brought with me on the plane but in e Paris airport I needed something to settle my stomach so I purchased some plane yogurt. It didn't taste the best but it worked. More later as I have gotten only two hours of sleep in the last 24 hours.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

All checked in...

Well, I'm all checked in for my flight as of last night. Bags are almost packed, I need to finish my hair and makeup for the day and then put that stuff in and weigh it.  Hoping it is under the 50lbs!!! I do get to take two free bags, so if that is the case I will just re-arrange a few things and check two bags.  No big deal, that is why it helps to be a frequent flyer, lol

I have lots of instant oatmeal, crackers, dried fruits and sunflower seeds - plus the cookies nana made me for the flight over.  If I need something, Im thinking a nice French cheese from the duty free.  Granted I wont eat all of it and most will go to waste, the ingredients will be on it.  In the best situation, I find Choibani in the food place at CDG.

Im getting excited, a bit anxious too as I really do not want to loose much more weight, but I'm sure once I get there it will be fine.  Not sure what I am going to do about posting the pictures since I found out yesterday my iPhone will not work in Italy or France.  Current plan is to still bring the iPhone and use Wifi to transfer the photos to the blog or the ipad to upload them here.

Ciao!  Till I am in France or Italy ;)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Packing some Food

Not too sure about food on this trip to Italy, I went once already this year (had throat swelling and face/neck redness after eating a lunch of white beans and green beans there - prompted me to get tested again) but at that time I only thought I had nut and peanut allergies.  This time it's a whole different ball game with all of the new allergies.

While I know a few of the restaurant owners on a personal level and a co-worker offered to go with me to the Coop (market there), I still do not know if there will be enough for me to safely eat so I'm packing a bunch of trusty items to get me thru if need be.
I'm going to bring a few things in the carry on with me: chips, crackers, pineapple, possible the instant oats (I've had luck with the quick cook from this brand so I will try the instant tomorrow to be sure), sunflower seeds and raisins.  The rest will go in the suitcase - my tuna, sardines and applesauce has to due to liquid regulations and I do not want to risk getting the tuna taken away even though it says it is not packed in any liquids.  I am also planning on bringing plastic baggies so I can bag snacks to have at work with me thru the day and some plastic knives and forks for the tuna and sardines incase I need a quick dinner in my room.

I sure wish I could bring a cooler with me but usually cheeses from Italy that I have purchased from Whole Foods have been safe so that will be a good option there for me too.  Any other ideas???


Sorry I left, I was just feeling, well negative.  I do not want this allergy to be a negative thing in my life.  So many good things have come from it but at that time, I felt I was dwelling on it and perhaps revolving my life around it.  But you know what, it is a huge part of my life and I can make of it whatever I choose.  I choose to be positive and manage this.

About a month ago I had TWO bad reactions in one weekend, scared the crap out of me.  The first was a Friday night, after dinner at the golf club my throat was closing and I felt awful.  I didn't think it was the food as I have had the same thing before, but you never know.  We went to get the kids at my parents and I started to notice a weird smell, kind of like old lady shampoo, lol.  I could not figure out what it came from, none the less, I took a ton of benadryl and even my rescue inhaler and things subsided for the night.  Woke up again and OMG the smell was back!  Throat started closing again.  Well, hubby went and got new deodorant.... the Advanced Degree brand that puts out extra fragrance when you sweat.  Um yea!  That was my problem.  Went to the store and got him the old brand that we can both safely use and the new stuff went in the trash.  Sunday I had another reaction but can not for the life of me remember what it was caused from.  That is why I need this blog, to document my journey, lessons and my progress.

I'm starting to read Allergic Girl, and it has me thinking.  Thinking about all the anxiety that can come along with these food allergies.  These allergies can do some nasty things but they can also do some really great things when they are gone, like take away pain, reduce sinus infections, etc.  I will always be anxious for the next reaction, always weary when trying something "safe" for the first time, but I will also live my life and be positive about this.  I will document my successes and failures but not dwell on the bad parts, just learn from them.  There is no getting around it, this is a huge issue to overcome in my day to day living but a positive attitude will prevail.

Sorry this post does not have a great flow to it, just wanted to get my thoughts out there for now.  Stay tuned for my trip to Italy and planning details ;)