Thursday, March 15, 2012


The most important meal of the day! It gets your body going after a rest and gives it the energy to get through the morning. I typically stick to similar foods and rotate things when I need a change up.

My latest favorite meal is pictured below. Organic instant oats, a few scoops of Choibani plain yogurt and a drizzle of honey on top. I usually sprinkle some cinnamon on too but don't keep that at work. It is so good and healthy to boot!

You can also mix in berries and fruits to oatmeal, drizzle some maple syrup, add in some granola, etc. Don't get sucked into buying the flavored packets though, they usually have way too much sugar and who wants to eat dried fruit when you can have fresh!
Btw, I made that at work.

Like the nice bowl?? I keep a nice plate and bowl at my desk to eat my food off of. I need to bring in some silverware too if I can remember.

Other things I love for breakfast are: homemade muffins, eggs (love sunny side up over oatmeal) plain yogurt with fruit, eggs with filet and hash browns (treat after a long weekend run)

The biggest thing I found to help me eat a healty breakfast is to have a few choices of items I can mix and rotate in the fridge and pantry at all times. I can then just throw them into my lunch bag for the day and have a nice breakfast at work while I get caught up on my emails. Planning ahead is the biggest challenge, but after a while it just becomes second nature.

What healthy breakfast foods do you like?

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  1. That's an oxymoron to me, Healthy breakfast?????