Monday, March 19, 2012

Week#2 Recap and Week#3 Plan

Well week 2 went off pretty much as planned. Didn't get as many miles in on Saturday, but 4 was enough seeing how I was still really sore from training on Thursday and I wanted to be fresh for my 10k yesterday so all worked out well!

Recap Week#2
Monday - 40 min = 3.64 miles and massage
Tuesday - Rest
Wednesday - 40 min = 4.26 miles
Thursday - 20 minutes = 1.83 miles and training session
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 4 miles in around 44 minutes with kids on scooters
Sunday - 10k in 55:29.9

Great week overall and feel good! Looking forward to this week!

Week#3 Plan is:
Monday - Rest and Core
Tuesday - 40 minutes
Wednesday - 20 minutes
Thursday - 40 minutes
Friday - Rest and Core
Saturday - 5k race with kids, and 8 miles on Saturday or Sunday

Adding in some core work this week using my bosu ball with crunches, alternating super mans and a few other moves for my core and back.

What are your goals for this week?

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