Saturday, March 31, 2012

Awesome Saturday am 8 Miler

I took most of the week off this week since my 5 mile run on Tuesday.  Just feeling funky and could tell my body needed a bit of a break.  Went on a beautiful, 8 mile trail run this morning with 2 awesome women, one of who happens to be my chiropractor.

Did great, but around mile 6.5 my left hamstring, hip area really started in on me again.  I did something to it during the Shamrock.  Well, we finished up and my Chiro happened to have her portable table in her truck, fixed me up, right there in the parking lot!  So thankful she did so I do not have to spend the rest of the day in pain, but what a sight that must have been, lol.  It's all good and blessed with some wonderful friends!

Have a great day.  What are your running plans for the weekend?  I'm going to get in 2 tomorrow, hopefully with hubby.

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