Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pictures from Italy

I got home a bit after 6pm last night after a long day of travels.  Technically, if you convert Italian time to home time, I was up since 10pm the night before.  That being said, I felt great!  I had a cup of coffee - didn't have any all week in Italy and it was soo good!  Hubby did not go grocery shopping and we had, and still have, no real food in the house so we made some noodles I brought home and added the EVOO on them.  I ended up bringing 4 ltrs. home this time, it is so good and you can not get anything close to it here in the us.  Even the high end imported EVOO's do not come close to the ones produced in the small, family farms for the town.

Woke up at 4:30 am HUNGRY and wide awake.  Of course there was nothing I could really eat in the house and I am refusing all packaged foods this week that I ate in Italy last week, but ended up making myself some oatmeal and some organic OJ.  I did manage to find a block of my Whole Foods 365 Sharp Cheddar in the fridge and had a chunk of that too, so that should hold me for a while until we go to the store.

Now, the pictures:
Above is the incredible seafood pasta my co-workers shared.  Oh how I wished I could have had some, but the lemon on top would have just been one of the many allergies.  Now, here is what I had, so yummy!!
My other favorite dish was tuna, fresh from the sea with EVOO and garlic over it.  Sorry but I did not take a picture of that one.  

But this, this my friends was the best pasta I have ever had in my life.  Homemade with only wheat, eggs and a bit of sea salt.  The owner was kind enough to even show me the exact bag of flour that he used so I knew it was safe and unenriched.  He mixed the noodles with EVOO, garlic and a white wine with shrimp to create an incredible dinner for me!  I also ended up eatting a ton of bread this week as his bread was safe!  I need to re-create that at home for a special treat every now and then.  Of course, hubby will have to build me a big, Italian oven/fireplace in the back yard to get it just right.

I was trying to eat as much garlic as I could at dinner as I was getting the beginnings of the usual sinus infection that I always get in Italy due to the smoke.  This is the first time in quite a few years that my body has fought off a sinus infection!!!  It is amazing to me, it lasted only about 4 days and never progressed to much more than some mucus and a runny nose!!!

Im glad I went, I was anxious about what I would eat, but it worked out.  My go to food in the airports was plain yogurt.  Not very tasty, but it filled me up.  My allergies are severe, I will only eat something if I know, and can verify the ingredients.  I did it though without one allergy incident all week!  Yea!!! Travel ROCKS!!!