Thursday, March 8, 2012


Standard American Diet = SAD

As many of you already know, due to severe allergies, I have really no choice but to eat healthy.  Well, wait, I take that back, I probably could eat like crap and still feel like crap and risk a really bad reaction, but no, I choose to listen to my body and follow my doctors advice ;)

That being said, I do not want to take to much time to discuss what is wrong with America's food choices, I think most people know, but wanted to spend a bit of time and then I will focus on sharing what I do and how I think it can help others live a healthier life.

What is wrong:
  • Convenience, it is much easier and cheaper due to all the government subsidies on corn to eat crap in your car and call it good for dinner.
  • Cost, it is much cheaper to buy processed foods, that are once again subsidized by the government, and very cheap with the help of your local Walmart.
  • Taste, I believe the majority of Americans are addicted to the chemicals in the "foods" that are cheap and quick.
  • Corn syrup, pink slime in meat, meat that is treated with so many antibiotics and hormones and fed grain when the animal is not designed to eat grain, preservatives, etc.
  • Genetically Modified veggies, fish, etc.  We do not know the consequences of playing with God's design.
The bottom line is that almost all of the food found in the grocery store is not even really "food" but what we come to believe is food.  It has been so processed and changed from it's natural or intended state (if anything is even natural in it at all) and our bodies can not handle that.  We do not absorb the vitamins and nutrients in the man made foods like we do in foods from nature, our bodies crave the real fats and reject the processed hydrogenated oils.

Our society has gotten away from real food!  Enough said.

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