Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Bad Run???

Just got back from a run.  It was hot, I felt like my legs were bricks, my ankles hurt, my calves were tight, my hips were sore and it was hard to move.  I glanced at my Garmin and at times it was 11 minute miles showing up... WHAT??

Now, I could say it was a bad run due to all of the above... but:
Did I get my time goal of 40 minutes in??? YES
Was I hurt or just sore?  Sore
Did running help stretch my muscles and help me improve? Yes

I was getting kind of bummed during the run, but I started to enjoy the scenery and realized that I had only one goal in front of me today - to run 40 minutes.  I got a chance to be outside, get my body used to the heat that will be coming in the summer and also to take some time to enjoy looking at all the new plants and buds that are springing up around us.  It did not matter at all that I was not running fast, or I would not cover 4.26 miles, like I did last time.  It mattered, that even though I found the run hard, I kept at it and I accomplished my goal.

So many times in life things are hard and we quit.  I know if it was me a year ago, I would have quit right off the bat.  But now, no.  I have grown to love running and realize that even though it is not always perfect and we are not always feeling great every time out there, there are so many benefits to accomplishing the goal set in front of you.  I am happy for the run that I had and thankful God has given me a healthy body to be able to run.  40 minutes is completed and I can check off my calendar tomorrow at work with 3.72 miles instead of nothing.  I'm happy for that and thankful!

I will leave you with this thought, saw it on FB this week and got a laugh!

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  1. What thought????? Hey, we all have bad days, they make the good days that much better!