Thursday, March 24, 2011

The light is back!

Ok, this is to get caught up to yesterday.  By the weekend I noticed I started to feel a TON better.  My mind wasn't constantly churning a mile a minute, I wasn't so short with Hubby and the kids and the constant ache in my back was well, wait!  Where did it go?  It was gone.

I woke up this weekend actually feeling HAPPY, Giddy actually.  My mood has improved tremendously!  Perhaps this diagnosis (yes, it could be a TON worse) was going to be a good thing!  So what if I can't eat out, at least I'm starting to drop those last stubborn pounds and will be in my sz. 28  (European size people) True Religion Jeans (haven't worn in 2 years) in no time.  Not to mention I'm pretty much pain free and happy with a clear mind.

I can do this!  I can survive on this diet even better than on my previous one that had some of the typical American crappy food sprinkled in here and there between the vegetarian organic produce.  

Plus, you know what??? This means I get to shop!  I finally have a good reason to start over with all of the personal care products our family uses!  I have placed several orders and will be discussing them when they arrive.  I can't wait to get all new makeup and stuff!  BTW, this was prompted by research and also the horror of when I went to give my kids a bubble bath the second and third ingredient on our all organic and natural bubble bath had corn displayed in parenthesis after the chemical technical name.   At least they were nice enough to tell me.

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