Thursday, March 31, 2011

The first party

Sooo, tonight is my dad's birthday = dining out, cake, ice cream drinks.... The restaurant was easy, we got there early and I explained to the waitress I have severe food allergies and if she could just bring me a plate and not take my order.  Easy peasy, plate came and out came my boiled eggs and yogurt with maple syrup. Granted not nearly as yummy as the pan fried perch hubby had, but I could pretty much guarantee no issues.  No one even mentioned it or anything, beautiful birthday dinner and I even had some Pinot Noir (granted not my organic, sulfate free but I was living on the edge here people!)

Next came the cake and ice cream celebration. OHHH, that icing...
You see, before this allergy I ALWAYS got the corner piece.  It took everything I had not to even have a little lick!  But, It looked so good but the angel on my shoulder reminded me that it could be a potential breathing issue in front of the babies which I would never want in a million years.  So, I declined and assisted in handing out the cake.  Meanwhile, enjoying...
The party is over, I am now at home enjoying 2 small baked potatoes with Organic Valley Butter and Redmond Real Salt.  Sure, it is different, it is somewhat hard, but I feel a million times better and just can not let myself go to that one slip up. Granted 2 weeks ago I was not wiser, but now I know what has caused a lot of my issues and allergies and I vote for healthy and happy over the American norm.

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