Thursday, March 24, 2011

Depression sets in

So, just trying to get caught up to today.  The few days following my diagnosis were really upsetting.  I did  a lot of research and found a lot of great sites to help and explain things to me.  Corn is the allergy I feared the most though, corn is in everything. For goodness sakes, when our basement flooded two years ago we got the carpet replaced with carpet made with, you guessed it CORN!

Here are some corn allergy sites that I found really helpful:

Here is an interesting conversation on the effects a lettuce allergy can have on your system:
Wow, I learned so much in such a short period of time.  You know what, I have always had severe upper back pain, I'm a bit anxious all the time and some may say high strung.  You know, total type A???  HAHA, always wondered what was wrong with me.  Perhaps it was my food.

Well, there was not much I could do except focus on what I could eat so I took the list of all the foods I was tested on and made a sheet of what I can eat.  I went to Whole Foods and got some basics: organic chicken, organic white rice, canned tuna and salt that has nothing else added, some avocado (I wasn't tested for this but never had any issues) and started eating simple meals consisting of one item each time.  I'm also very blessed to have a freezer full of venison thanks to hubby!  

BTW, you can't just go to any store or butcher to buy meat.  Thanks to our friendly and helpful government, most is sprayed with citric acid or injected with some corn variant to make it pretty and perky still when we get it.  Remember those diaper looking things between the Styrofoam tray and meat?  You guessed it, corn!

So, needless to say, I ate bland foods and really watched everything.

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