Friday, April 8, 2011

Oh My Gosh! I am sooo hungry!

Yesterday and today I have just wanted to snack, snack, snack but what does one snack on when they are allergic? I found some sunflower seeds all zip locked up on the basement bar last night and went to town on them.   They were sooooo good and it was so great to just snack!  At this point, the house is pretty empty.  Tomorrow we will go to the Farmers Market and Whole Foods, but there is not much to snack on - or at least things I can snack on.  The kids have their stash of goldfish crackers and cheeze it mix but, nothing really for me.

I will be getting some 365 Sea Salt Potato Chips tomorrow along with more sunflower seeds and some Lundenburg rice cakes.  Perhaps I can find something else as well as hopefully hubby will be wrangling the littles while I shop.  Those are my snacks.  I can say I am doing much better in the drink department.  I discovered Divine Vodka, made in small batches in copper pots in MI!  Mix that with some grapes or watermelon blended up in the VitaMix and I have an awesome martini with pretty low calories since I'm just using the natural fruits with all the fiber, vs juicing.  Such a nice after dinner treat while relaxing and reading.

Tomorrow night we are going to a good friends house for dinner.  I am in charge of bringing the main course.  She wants salmon so I will go to WF and see if I can eat it, none the less, they will have a beautiful salmon dinner and I will see what I can eat for a main course and bring it.  I really do not want to eat farmed salmon.  I need to place an order from but waiting to see if my paper tax refund with my adoption credit will continue to be processed by our wonderful government before I place that order.  That reminds me, hubby and I need to plan a date afternoon where we go to Capital Grille for a nice fillet and then do some shopping after.  Perhaps next Sunday we can get this scheduled.

What are your favorite snacks???

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