Thursday, April 7, 2011

Exciting News

Last night was a breakthru for me!  It was the first time I actually ate out since my recent diagnosis.  Our good friends invited us to their club for dinner.  I ate a snack ahead of time and packed my Chobani but when I got there, the menu seemed wonderful and it might just be the place to try eating out again.  The menu even had a little blurb about notifying them of allergies and it was not crowded at all!

I had my choices narrowed down to the Ahi Tuna or the Filet.  Both had pro's and con's.  Ahi may be frozen and there is a small chance I might have a reaction to the filet due to citric acid.  But, the filet  sounded soooo good and I have never had a reaction in the past to meat, etc.  So, with my system clear after all of my careful eating I decided to order the filet.  I figured if I was to have a reaction, at least I would know it right away as I have been feeling really good lately.

Two glasses of a nice, quality red wine and a filet later NO ISSUES, none at night, none in the AM.  YAHOO!  Now,  if I stick to high end steak or seafood places and get something grilled with NOTHING on it or touching it I can try to eat out again.  Of course in moderation here, but geeze, even if I could go 2x a month that would be wonderful.

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