Sunday, April 8, 2012

If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Recap Week#5 and Plan #6

A friend posted a FB message about how she injured her hamstring and he doctor asked what she changed.  Apparently, she started stretching before running.  Her doctor said he never stretches, she stopped and injury went away...  Made me think.  Have I done anything differently?

Realized it last night.  Two weeks ago I was showing my trainer how I stretched my hamstrings each morning right when I got up.  She suggested a new method.. I have been slacking off and not stretching every morning like I have for years the past two weeks... left hamstring is acting up... HMM?  Think that might be why, lol  Still pain, but can run slow at least ;)

None the less, I got a new foam roller to assist.  For those of you who do not foam roll, I highly recommend it.  Before we just had the normal, hard, black rollers.  I got my first one from Target.  A while back, when we drove across town to get some blow up martians for the kids, Running Fit had an awesome looking RumbleRoller (TM).  We did not get it at the time, but with this hammie issue thought it might be time.  I drove across town on Friday to get it for a deeper massage to see if it would help work my hammie out.

When I bought it, the lady told me I can not return it if it leaves bruises.  The paperwork it came with also had one of those separate (afterthought) papers warning of bruises as well.  Haha, I was kind of scared to use it but I LOVE it!  I can't do my IT bands with it yet, but can handle rolling out everything else and I just love it!

(The one on the left is my Gaiam roller from Target, compared to my new RumbleRoller (TM) from Running Fit)

I also discovered that I can roll out my neck simply by laying on it and positioning under my neck and simply, slowly, turning my head from one side to the other.  It does a great job all around and I highly recommend it as part of your running regimen. (I did this review on my own and was not compensated or asked by Gaiam or RumbleRoller (TM) to review the products)

Now, onto the boring stuff :)

Week#5 Recap:
Sunday - Clean, amazed how many calories I burned!
Monday - 2 Miles, Done (8:58) and got Hammie stretched out at Chiropractor
Tuesday - 4 miles, Done (9:59)
Wednesday - 2 miles, Done (11:05)
Thursday - 4 miles - Nope, lots of pain again in left hammie
Friday - rest
Saturday - 9 miles, Nope, still pain but did do 3 nice and slow with Hubby and Kids on Bikes (10:55)

Week#6 Plan:
Sunday - Easter!  Ran 4 miles then ice and roll out, Done (10:16)
Monday - Rest and Chiropractor
Tuesday - 3 Miles
Wednesday - 2 miles
Thursday - 3 Miles
Friday - rest
Saturday - Martian 10K

Have a Blessed Easter!

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